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Acronymn of Lick The Clit.
Quick Matt, dive down there, wet your lips and LTC!
by Yuppie November 09, 2004
A small species of crustacean that resides in the anal region of male humans.
It feeds primarily on semen and unborn babies.

Best way to counter is with the head of a penis - their one weakness.
Dude, your ass crab crawled in my urethra!
by Yuppie June 27, 2008
crazy, also 'crackers'
that 'dimwit' is a wacker first grade
by yuppie June 13, 2003
A word with the same meaning as pinny, small penis, used discretely to prevent teachers or authority figures from finding out what is being talked about.
Greg likes Kerry riding his pony although he cannot feel it due to its unhumainly small size.
by Yuppie November 04, 2004
something nerds should get out and play more often
this sport is too hard, i want to go sulk in my room and play cs more!
by yuppie June 10, 2003
Acronymn for Dick In Bum
Anal intercourse
Greg loves dib from strangers
by Yuppie November 04, 2004
Acronymn meaning Shit On Dick implying that the person that likes it practises anal intercourse.
Greg loves sod with Ross.
by Yuppie November 04, 2004

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