Dick In Boooty, make sense just straight up anal intercouse any way it goes
Man I did the dib with the young girl i met at da club, dat shit was crazy
by David Blake July 17, 2006
An acronym meaning "Dead In Bed"
After a getaway weekend consisting of mainly sex Moses was quick to admit that his wife, Bethany K. was without a doubt a DIB
by mortgage guy November 10, 2004
A person, often a woman, of aboriginal descent, who is drunk and a bitch. Alternatively, one could say "Bastard" instead of "Bitch".
"Watch out, there's a DIB in that car!"
by cokemidget December 09, 2007
An acronym for "Do It Bitch."

Frequently used in conjunction with STFU, DFIU and TCB
(The steps to happiness in any trouble situation where you have personal responsibility and/or involvement:
1. Shut the fuck up
2. Do it bitch
3. Don't fuck it up)
by alexdog69 April 17, 2006
A difficult task, especially the act of inserting one's own testicles into a vagina. Derived from acronym DIB, or "dog in bathtub," referring to the difficulty of placing a canine into an enclosed area of water.
"Understanding Suslin lines is dib."
by Kyle Woodward September 03, 2004
An awesome person-thing.
WHOA! You just gave me 62378169876513978423678697823694817 dollars! Thanks, you big Dib! :)
by Mistral January 04, 2004
DIB(S) (Acronymn)

Directly Means "Deranged Incest Babies"
It's a Urban Name for People of the Christion Religion
You are an Annoying DIB
Fuck you DIBS!!!
by DerangedIncestBaby July 05, 2007

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