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2 definitions by t-cool

slang for "piss boner"

since the intials of "piss boner" are 'p' and 'b', and so are the intials of "peanut butter" it makes sense

this comes in handy if you gotta use it in code
Dude 1: "hey dude can you grab me a text book while your up there?"
Dude 2: "why don't you get it yourself?"
Dude 1: "cuz man, i've got peanut butter right now!"
Dude 2: "ohhhh hahahaha suckuh"
by t-cool September 01, 2007
a sack of weed costing 15 dollars.
it's made from the words 'dime' and 'dub' to make 'dib'
toker 1: i scored some mary jane today
toker 2: pimp, how much? a dime? a dub?
toker 1: nah bitch, i gotta dib!
by t-cool December 05, 2007