the absolute worst feeling in the world. you can become depressed because of a certain situation, or no situation at all. it is a mental ilness. its not being able to think straight. nothing seems to matter to you, even things that once did. you feel completely alone, in a room full of people, and you often think about the end. depression can lead to that end. depression is probably the scariest feeling in the world, it causes you to think about everything and analyze things way too deep. you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, 'why am i here?', or 'i wish i was dead'. you lost interest in everything, and you feel like you would rather talk to the wall than to the people around you, because absolutely no one understands you at all, and they just pretend to care about you. your body shakes from the small consumption of food you had that day, and all your mind's set on is the next cigarette you're going to smoke.
betty became extremely depressed when her father passed away.
by uballer November 17, 2007
The feeling that can totally change your life. consumption of depression can lead to things that are irrational, but at the time seem wonderful to do such as..... suicide and drug consumption. Love or not being loved can be a big factor in being depressed because the one feeling that is stronger than depression leads to it faster than anything else
I am feeling so depressed right now because I feel that no one loves me for who I am, nor will they ever see because no one looks beyond what they see with their own two eyes
by Slap Jackin October 29, 2004
The state in which you feel hopeless. Nothing works, or ever will, or even ever has for you. People hate you for no reason. Even God seems to hate you too. Every day is a repitition of the same events. You have no luck, and there's no way of changing it.
Depressed? Fix it all with the click of a shotgun.
by Senator Assface September 08, 2006
When you don't understand anything. When Life seems hopeless, pointless, and exhausting. You want to punish yourself. You feel helpless. No one understands. You just want to end everything, and go to sleep and never wake up. You hate. Yourself. Your friends. Your family. You hate with you everything. Your eyes become empty, and people don't care. They don't listen.
Today I stayed in bed for as long as I could, until mom and dad made me get up. I didn't want to move, didn't want to eat, didn't want to talk. Everything seemed so pointless. I think I might be depressed.
by Marissa Petit July 14, 2008
the feeling of true darkness and death, it is caused by chemical imbalances in your brain.....most of the time it maifests its self....but can also obe achieved through drug use or emotional trauma....
its wer u feel as tho ur a different person to what u wer before you had it, feel so much pain in ur heart u cant even smile, u distance from everyone and keep ur problems to urs self, shame becomes a factor.....depression is sterioutyped 2 mainly effect girls....but also efects guys just as commonly,
depression takes away all thats good about ur life, and turns u into a hollow shell...
it will manifest in every aspect of ur life.....and u will try 2 stop it by, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting or self harm.indulging in dangerous practices and suicide. ther is help out ther, but its to costly and out of reach for alot of people.
Someone1:"everytime is see ur eyes u look so sad....ur depressed arnt u"
Self: "nar fuck off im not like that im happy"

Someone2: "U dpressed emo goth wrist cutting peice of shit.. i hope u die!"
Self: so do i....
by Hollow666 July 24, 2006
depression: a thought the wraps itslef around you and wont let go. suffocating you, till you feel as if you no longer live. breathing becomes something you wish you could stop. noting feels right, good, or makes you happy. you feel alone, alone no matter how many people you surrond yourself with. you want to die, curl up in a ball and dissapear into the floor, the only thought on your mind is death and your funeral. you dream of the day your one wish could come true. you feel darkness all the time, ther is no differnce between day and night anymore. you cant feel anymore, your numb, you ache for soem sort of human feeling, but theres nothing, cutting is the only thing that almost keeps you sane. and eveyone wants to take it away. dont they understand? its the one thing thatr i look forward to, the one thig that keeps me alive, without it i will kill myslef. no. i will kill myslef either way. and when i dont succeed they lock me up saying that i can be let loose in society! my depression is to big and strong now, theres nothing you can do anymore to make it stop. the only way is death, and thats the only way i know that for sure this pain will truly end.
Im so depressed, i just want to sink into the floor.
by Carleen June 11, 2007
A feeling of being not worthy of life, feeling unhappy but not knowing why, a feeling at the pit of your stomache.
I feel so empty, ugly and agressive, I hate myself, sometimes I want to die, sometimes I just don't want to exist. No one understands me, I feel like no one really cares, that frustrates me, I am so depressed,why can no one understand.

Constantly I have to compensate by spending excessively, buying lovely clothes in the hope that they will make me feel like a beautiful person, not an ugly worthless piece of crap.

Everything annoys me, the mess of my house, my house feels empty so I have to buy things to compensate. What am I compensating for? Love? Happieness? I had love once and lost it too. I wasn't happy when I had it, wasn't happy when I lost it. What will make me feel complete?

It's not not having someone that makes you lonely and it is hard to explain what lonely is. Nothing seems to help, life seems pointless. I can't relax, when I do, I start to think, dark scarey thoughts, horrible thoughts of anger, hate, emptieness.

Depression is hard, however you can survive. You have to talk to someone, doctors can help. Having a sympathetic ear helps, not someone that tells you why you feel the way you feel but someone that just listens. Writing a journal helps too, this gets the thoughts out of your mind, just like talking to someone.

Life is hard but we all have, we just have to survice, keep fighting, it's not worthless.
by Bethie B June 09, 2008

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