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the feeling of true darkness and death, it is caused by chemical imbalances in your brain.....most of the time it maifests its self....but can also obe achieved through drug use or emotional trauma....
its wer u feel as tho ur a different person to what u wer before you had it, feel so much pain in ur heart u cant even smile, u distance from everyone and keep ur problems to urs self, shame becomes a factor.....depression is sterioutyped 2 mainly effect girls....but also efects guys just as commonly,
depression takes away all thats good about ur life, and turns u into a hollow shell...
it will manifest in every aspect of ur life.....and u will try 2 stop it by, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting or self harm.indulging in dangerous practices and suicide. ther is help out ther, but its to costly and out of reach for alot of people.
Someone1:"everytime is see ur eyes u look so sad....ur depressed arnt u"
Self: "nar fuck off im not like that im happy"

Someone2: "U dpressed emo goth wrist cutting peice of shit.. i hope u die!"
Self: so do i....
by Hollow666 July 24, 2006

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