A feeling that teenage girls say they have to get attention, and think they are all "deep" because of it. It is really a chemical unbalance of seretonin in the brain.
Teenaged girl: I think I'm depressed. I have so many problems.

Me:No you aren't, I can tell.

Teenaged girl: No, I am. You just don't understand.

Me: No, you don't understand. You don't know the science of depression. You need to be analyzed by a psychological proffesional to really determine it.

Teenaged girl: Whatever, I'm just going to talk about cutting myself and my friends who cut themselves to sound cool.

Me: Okay, have a fun, fake life.
by GarrisonHeller December 06, 2009
a point were you wanna cry..were you wanna hurt yourself..because of what brings you down,.coming to the point to screaming your head off..just wanting to cry,burst and just want fall over on the floor and die,scream in the persons face thats bothering you...its bringing yourself down of old things that happend to you and you'll know you regret..or know it will come back to you..or bieng heartbroken and cant stand it so you bring yourself down thinking you werent good enough for that one person...
he broke up with me because im not pretty..im not good enough for him..im stupid..im too depressed to handle it
by hitlers child November 25, 2006
fatal suburban disease caused by stable home life and lack of imagination

characterised by purple poetry typed up on the family iMac
Dammit, I got friends AND a roof over my head. Sometimes I submit self-indulgent definitions to urban dictionary, just to see if I still feel. I'm so true depressed, I dress the part. *falls down well*
by slaaaaack April 19, 2010
Sociopathic definition on one of or a combination of "bored out of my skull," "feeling nostolgic," &/or "that bland sensation you have when you're not laughing or preoccupied."
1) Nothing she found online at her usual entertainment sites was clicking with her. The fails weren't funny & the articles weren;t interesting. Depressed, she pondered whether she should replay a video game or reread a book.

2) She became depressed when she compared modern times to the early 90s, wondering how children growing up with talentless musicians, bland fashions, brain-dead plastic celebrities, & intelligence-frying reality shows would turn out as adults.

3) She was in a funk that day & needed a continuous stream of lulz to life her depression.
by Likalaruku November 02, 2009
The state that Nu-Metal bands pretend to be in
"dude, i'm so depressed - let's get our producer to write a song about it and we can sing it on MTV and stupid loser kids who also pretend to be rebel outcast depressives can sing along and buy hoodies with our name on"
by foyf February 24, 2004
What many teenagers claim to be.
Most of the time it's just their hormones.
James (13): I'm so depressed. :( </3
Mary: No you're not, fucktard.
by Hitler !! May 28, 2006
depressed= being sad, insecure, life-less, and/or non-active. being not urself. not enjoying things u have before.
only lasts a short bit of time as w/ depression lasts a lot longer.
"i'm depressed, i was dumped."
"i'm depressed, my pet died."
"i'm depressed, i realize i suck as a singer."
"i'm depressed, i got a F on my math test."
by mArE June 12, 2004
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