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self centered, earth revolves around you, everything has to be your way, snobby, bitchy, annoying
kim is so conceited... is michelle
by majestic mysta ree of masta peace September 27, 2003
thinks teh earth revolves around you
I'm not conceited bitch, I'm just awesome!"
by Hulia Hotpants January 20, 2005
-adjective- Used to describe any person whose self portrait adorns every wall in their own abode. A legend in their own mind...
"Im NOT conceited, for actually Im FAR greater than I think I am"
by CunningLinguist January 03, 2005
everything has to be your way, self centered
Conceited would be... calling your OWN name when you reach orgasm
by Sage's girl September 15, 2007
Someone who believes they are above everyone else, and fails to see they are really a pathetic little attention seeking whore. The only people who can't see through they're little acts are the really desperate guys she flirts with all the time.

Like Jade and Tigwell
Jade: Oh my God, everyone at this party is like totally jealous of me, coz they aren't as hot as me, you think I'm hot don't you?

Hot guy: Ummm, I'm gonna go get a drink....

Ugly guy: Yeah, I totally agree with you Jade, you are the hottest girl at this party.

(Later on, hot guy talks to his girlfriend)

Girlfriend: I saw that cunt Jade talking to you, but I also saw you walk away, thank you.

Hot guy: I hate her, she's so conceited the fucking dirty whore.
by Amy_1985 August 10, 2008
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