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What Tattoo yelled to Mr. Rourke as the plane approached Fantasy Island every week.
"De plane, Boss! De plane!"
by Herve Montalbon May 14, 2004
A stupid term used by North Americans. It is commonly used in commercial airline flights and is said (usually by the pilot or stewards) when it is time to get off the plane. What the stupid Americans don't realize however, is that there was already a word for that. DISEMBARK. Therefore, many Europeans will wonder what the hell the pilot was smoking to have come up with such a silly made-up word.
Pilot: "Attention passengers, as we make our final approach into LAX I would like to remind you to stay seated until the plane has come to a complete stop and until we begin to deplane. Thank you."

European passenger 1: "What the hell does 'deplane' mean?"

European passenger 2: "I think he ment disembarking."

European passenger 1: "Oh, what a stupid twit then."
by An Upperclass British Twit. January 14, 2011
To exit an aircraft. A term used in the airline industry.
The frazzled flight attendent was very happy when it was time for the passengers to deplane.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
to get off an airplane after it has landed; mainly used for commercial flights
The flight attendant told us we will deplane at gate 11A.
by soy May 15, 2004
to exit an airplane, usually after a flight.
Passengers will deplane in approximately 20 minutes.
by Traveling Light May 13, 2004
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