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Jamaican word for "the"
Pon de river Pon de bank
by Tight Ass Pants July 03, 2005
Something of interest only to effeminate males or 'New Age guys' (i.e., a male who is overly sensitive or a man who has unbecoming delicacy or overrefinement). This is a word only in a very limited geographical area (Western Massachusetts). This word grew out of the sarcastic usage of "decent"
WHAT!? YOU BOUGHT A PINK CAR!!! Dude- That is SO de!!!
by Peter T. July 18, 2006
D.E. is an abbreviation given to an employee who "Does Everything" in a dental office. Usually there are "DA" (dental assistants) and/or receptionists working at a dental office. A DE can do both of their jobs and can do it better than any one.
Annie is the best worker. Thats why doctor calls her his D.E.!
by denture maker September 24, 2010
Toplevel-domain for german websites.
by z0iD April 13, 2006
A Jamaican/Caribbean term meaning "to be". It is said to come from an African language, possibly Ethiopian.
Babylon (goverment/authority) de pon me case.
by cfitz911 November 13, 2006
Delayed male orgasm providing a longer period for female enjoyment, and more female orgasms.
by Hour February 15, 2012
Short for Delayed Effect

Having something happen, and only feeling or having the effects occur after a extended period of time.
Juice experiences DE? LoL, he is one of a kind!

While watching Code Geass he suddenly blurted out "UGUU PWNS", it was the delayed effect of watching Kanon 20mins ago"
by ERG November 12, 2006

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