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Someone who is smelly and has a very big nose. They can be very forgetful but remember less important things. A Rourke can also be someone who is caring and always there for you. He will make mistakes in life but knows how to cheer you up.
My dearest Rourke, he's such a sweetheart!

That boy didn't put deodarent on, he's such a Rourke!
by Blobby blob blob blob July 23, 2013
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A smelly ugly baby, usually born with severe defects including severe mental retardation and/or a demented nose. There is no cure for being a rourke and you are stuck with it for quite some time.

Often partakes in the making fun of hatians and never gets fucked up because of it

*gets made fun of for smelling like ass on occasion*.

Rourkes can also be very charming and humorous.
Bob"Yo dude he was bashing on you for being hatian"

kyle"i knoww but hes a rourke i can smell his ass from here

Bob "hahah word that fucking rourke"
by cmsir March 06, 2012
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