a tern which originated in Sacramento,CA
used by the locals to describe the sound of pure greatness.
"holy shit dude,did you hear the deftones yet?"
by Buddha July 04, 2003
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n. a critically acclaimed cult-status band that mixes hardcore with smooth melodies. Band members, especially frontman Chino Moreno, have a great love for classic alternative, like the Smiths, the Cure, Depeche Mode, and My Bloody Valentine. The band also has some minor influences from the awesome all-black DC hardcore band Bad Brains.
The Deftones are not really overrated, but rather underrated, as they often get clumped in with nu-metal bands and lesser-talented rock groups like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Korn, despite the fact that the Deftones are nothing like these bands.(The deftones have had one or two rap-metal songs, but these were made way before the crappy band Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit were even on the scene, and without the Deftones, those bands wouldn't even be around)They may be a template for that horrible band Linkin Park, but if that's true, then the band Linkin Park simply wants to be as talented as the Deftones, and if so, they have not succeeded, because they sound like nu-metal crap and nothing like the Deftones. The Deftones are in a genre of their own. No current band has anything on them.
The Deftones are the shit, you can't touch em
by Jam Master J April 14, 2005
An absolutely kickass band, more addictive than the fucking caffeine in my coffee mug, that seem to have created their own, phenomenal genre of music.

One of the few bands that have released four consecutive albums which consist of nothing more than pure, immense greatness.

Deftones kick ass. Period.
theres still blood.. in your hair..
by Needlesandpins July 24, 2004
Rationality can go fuck himself. Deftones CREATED Linkin Park you dumb shit. They were there way before any pathetic screamo bands. Deftones are rock gods and have great lyrics.
Rationality sucks. He knows nothing of pure music. Deftones isn't aimed at "angry teenage boys." Pathetic prick.
by noctem March 31, 2005
THE Band
"Deftones have created their own genre of music."
by Exodus April 28, 2004
An alt-metal band which redefined the genre by their unique approach: beyond the hardcore bashing, an eerie quiet exists.
Deftones + Glassjaw = phenomenal.
by -xXx- August 16, 2003
The band that is not going to visit Russia.
So won't see them live.
- Shit man, that deftones band ain't goin to come to our country.
- Fuck, it can't be true, Ivan.
- I'm so pissed of that I'm goin to drink a lot of vodka now.
- Shit man, I'll join you. Andf let's watch our trained bears dancing.
by Mihail June 02, 2004
A band that will make u cream urself, FUCKING AWESOME! Words can't do them justice...u wanna know deftones? Dont take words for it, Just go and see them! deftones, live...its overwhelming anyone whos seen them knows wot im talking about and fronted by chino (a.k.a camillo) moreano...a LEGEND! And if u don't get it as my fellow deftones fanatic says SHOVE IT SHOVE IT SHOVE IT! fine quote..very clever my friend well fucking done!
Check out nething u can get ur hands on...dont matter wot if its got deftones on it its gonna blow u away better yet just buy urself a ticket to the next gig near u DONT miss out!
by Lou January 30, 2004
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