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THE Band
"Deftones have created their own genre of music."
by Exodus April 28, 2004
A really lame way of saying Thanksgiving. See, in Canada, we celebrate it in October, but in the States, people celebrate in Late November.

"Turkey Day" is a synonym for Thanksgiving, as I said before. It is mainly used by lameasses and weather-reporters who have nothing better to do than act stupid.
"Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy, New York! Hope you're enjoying you're Turkey Day! I know I am!"

"Shut the hell up, you stupid arse.
by Exodus December 01, 2003
Outstanding encoder and typesetter with a remarkable talent for special effects. Personification of altruism. Sociable and convivial.
<@DeathWolf> being an ass wont make you look better u know:)
by Exodus December 02, 2004
(Australian Slang)The feelings of doom and anxiety that one commonly experiances before He/She is pwned
lol did you see the look on his face it was awash withh Bluefear
by Exodus June 09, 2004
n. Slang for a gun. gun
"Don't make me shove my guzang up your asszang motha' fucka', yo, bitch yo."
by Exodus April 28, 2004
a gun or other type of small, handheld firearm. usually carried by small, organized gangs.
Yo!, he just stuck out his piece, and i was like, put that away, bitch!"
by Exodus December 21, 2002
1. having a large amount of junk
2. having valueables that are only of value to you.
3. to fill in where would otherwise be a swear word, generally replacing shit.
4. Double crappiness at it's fullest
1. "Hmm... I have to rumage through all of this crapola"
2. "woot, my crapola rocks the house"
3. "... my damn roomate stole all of my crapola"
4. "fucking crapola, my balls are gone"
by exodus May 01, 2004

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