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a tool used for having sex with chicks with ugly faces and hot body.
i thought the girl was hot til she turned around and i saw her face. so i pulled out the paper bag and it was all good.
by Lou May 19, 2003
A band that will make u cream urself, FUCKING AWESOME! Words can't do them justice...u wanna know deftones? Dont take words for it, Just go and see them! deftones, live...its overwhelming anyone whos seen them knows wot im talking about and fronted by chino (a.k.a camillo) moreano...a LEGEND! And if u don't get it as my fellow deftones fanatic says SHOVE IT SHOVE IT SHOVE IT! fine quote..very clever my friend well fucking done!
Check out nething u can get ur hands on...dont matter wot if its got deftones on it its gonna blow u away better yet just buy urself a ticket to the next gig near u DONT miss out!
by Lou January 30, 2004
"You're so sexy, but you aint a patch on that Ivar."
by Lou August 08, 2003
You would use this interjection when you see a fine piece of ass. As this girl walks past you, you must lean back and exclaim this this phrase with impeccable timing. This is especially useful after watching a fine lady such as Danielle Conklin pass by.
DAYUM DConk! Since when were u so hot?!
by Lou March 02, 2006
the coolest guy in the world, very funny

oh my god, your such an ollie!

i wish i could be ollish
by Lou December 18, 2004
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