there are 2 meanings

1. a "nu metal" band which has a unique vocal style. even though its soft.. it still sux. what did u think i would say its good. and all in all the instrumentals are really easy. they say nu metal is supposed to be easy but sound good. but this is one band that really doesnt follow up

2. often an insult to call someone who likes nu metal deftones. because of the sheer amount of people and nu metal people who dont like them. even calling a nu metal person who does like them "deftones" they will easily get offended just because it is an insult. however they will openly say they like them but that doesnt change the fact that. its an insult.
wow. ur such an effing deftones. haha. i cant believe i lent your momma 5 bucks. im gonna stop being friends with you AND take back my 5 bucks
by thetruth10111 June 06, 2009
A nu-metal band that I had to sit through bored out of my mind after Deadsy opened up for them and Deftones fans were cursing at them.
I was so sick of Deftones that I left the crowd and bought Deadsy merchandise.
by Legion Tory April 03, 2007

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