best fucking band ever! a band that you cannot compare to no other band. but you can tell people how much more greater they are than any other band.
" the deftones kick .moneen.'s ass!"
by rx_queen March 05, 2004
kickass band.
deftones kicks ass. what more can i say.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
A very original hard rock band with a sound like NO OTHER. Chino Morenos vocals are so powerfull and engaging to
the listener. His voice is used in so many different ways its mindblowing.
Currently produced 4 CDs that sold well
and have a new CD on the way by the end of this month. The 28th. Nuff said, Deftones are like no other.
"Be quiet and drive" is one the fan favorites.
by x9 March 02, 2005
A kick ass band
by Wallace Boy October 21, 2003
A very talented band out of Cali that NO
one can compare to. This band has made
their own distict sound that no other band has. Chino Morenos vocals are so
unique. He Uses his voice in so many ways, that he makes the listener
engaged into what he's saying. The lyrics can mean anything to anybody and that's the shit. Best songs are Hexagram, Bored, 7 words, Be quiet and drive and much more. I got
all 4 cds, and I MUST SAY I GOTMY ,MONEYS WORTH!!!!
The Deftones mix their music up with
some hard, heavy stuff and tone it down
some nice alternative sound.
by x9 February 28, 2005
n. A metal/modern rock band hailing from Sacramento, California, featuring Chino Moreno (vocals, rhythm guitar), Chi Cheng (bass), Stephen Carpenter (lead guitar), Abe Cunningham (drums), and Frank Delgado/DJ Crook (turntables, DJ, effects, mixing, keyboards).

Albums include: God's Hand/God's hand demo, Adrenaline, Around The Fur, White Pony, self-titled, B-Sides and Rarities, and many live recordings.

Bands they have toured with include: Korn, Godsmack, Metallica, Thursday, Thrice, System of a Down, and they have been to Ozzfest many times.

Chino Moreno is currently working on the Team Sleep project with DJ Crook of Decibel Devils, Mary Timony, and several others.
1. Wow! I love the Deftones and their music.

2. I just went to the Deftones concert the other day, and it rocked!

3. When is the new Deftones album coming out?
by Craig B. December 30, 2005
a tern which originated in Sacramento,CA
used by the locals to describe the sound of pure greatness.
"holy shit dude,did you hear the deftones yet?"
by Buddha July 04, 2003

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