One of the rare rock bands that generating something negative to say about them such as their members, the songs, concerts and progression through the years, is almost impossible to do. Hating on the deftones would be like hating on air. Like who would hate on air; if you don't breathe it, you die within minutes.
John: I think the deftones kind of suck
Kyle: So I take it you don't like air much either?
John: Air? I've never heard of them? Are they like the deftones
Kyle: yea kinda
by RockeyMullet March 18, 2009
tones that are refered to as "def", which is an old hip-hop slang word for "good"
Man, those are some def tones!
by Ricky March 09, 2004
The Deftones are a quartet that formed in 1989 and was responsible just as much as korn was for the so called "nu-metal" movement. The Deftones came into being when drummer Abe Cunningham suffered from a car accident that he sewed the driver for and won. Once the money was in place, the band bought very expensive musical equipment and released a demo titled "Like Linus". Although the Deftones were unknown to the mainstream and were not an overnight success, the band had created a sound of their own. Their first full length album "Adrenaline" exploded onto the scene with such anthems as, "Bored", "7 Words", and "Engine # 9". The band got exposure with their sucessful debut. Around the time of the release of Adrenaline, Korn was also a big new band. The two toured together in their early days and were both catergorized as nu metal. The Deftones next album was entitled Around the Fur, which was more accesible to the mainstream, had the MTV favorites, "My Own Summer" and "Be Quiet And Drive". Shortly after the release of Around the Fur, the quartet added Dj Frank Delgado. At this time, The Deftones were the band to listen to...if not be influenced by. The Deftones alone have set the bar high for most new bands. The Deftones have an influence on Linkin PArk, Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down, POD, Papa Roach, and just about any other band you can think of that is a form of rap metal. The Deftones solidified their influential status with their long awaited album WHite Pony. Pretty much every song on White Pony is a one of a kind, and has many things that countless singles today simply do not have. Although fans were convinced that the deftones would tone down on the heaviness (since white pony was the slowest album yet), the deftones 4th ablum, "Deftones" is one of the heavier ablums to come out since the new mellinium. Still today the Deftones are one of the better bands that dont seem to repeat themselves or get old. Although Korn had a bigger sucess, deftones were around long before korn and were influencing heavy weight rap metalers long before.
"I think im goin to go listen to the Deftones"
by Yishih July 01, 2006
A unique band that no one can compare to. The Deftones music is about
romance, cathargic themes, anda anger.
Chino Moreno is just amazing. He varies
his voice in so many ways, and makes the listerner engaged into what he's saying. Right now they have 4 CD's and
a fifth one THIS MONTH!! Nuff said, if you want some good Nu-metal, Deftones
is a perfect example. Youll see.
Be quiet and drive is a very strong love
song and fan favorite.
by x9 March 01, 2005
A band that's been around since 1988 and has been quite popular a few times before. The music that was regurgitated from the minds of each band member is purely orgasmic, to the right person. It's probably the most bingable band, due to all of their albums being diverse, yet all equally phenomenal. In my opinion, this band is very underrated, and is unique and beautiful, and a source of releasing anger or thoroughly calming yourself. (R.I.P. Chi, one former member of a band that truly helped me)
"What's your favorite band?"

"DEFTONES." *eyes turn into huge, bubbly hearts*
by "typical"teen February 18, 2015
The band you can always put on when your mood is off. Chino's voice is hypnotizing and orgasmic.
Digital bath and Change are two amazing songs by Deftones.
by Raine tones January 17, 2012
A band that makes you feel good when you listen to it
and if you don't like it "shove it, shove it, shove it"
by *Arual* January 24, 2004

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