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a band that simply kicks ass. needs more respect and recognition. has a vast style of songs, which describe betrayal, depression as well as salvation that can be found through a loved one. not some sappy ass band that just bitches about how fucked up the world is and that it sucks, but staind tries to inspire the audience to make it through, as bad as it may seem.
"ive had doubts i have failed ive fucked up ive had plans doesnt mean i should take my life with my own hands"
staind owns ass.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
a kick ass band with provocative and moving lyrics that can touch any individual, even one who has not experienced said event reflected throughout the lyrics.
flaw kicks ass.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
kickass band.
deftones kicks ass. what more can i say.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
a bad that kicks so much ass theres no point trying to give an impression of just how much ass they kick. not to mention, the lead singer is fuckin hott.
stabbing westward is god.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
a guy who is rich for displaying his "talent" or lackthereof. appearently liked by individuals too stupid to realize what real talent is.
ja rule is a dumb fuck with no talent.
by phjls83 August 24, 2003
an individual who frequently masturbates.
ever since joe couldnt find any little kids to fuck up the ass, hes become a real cock spangler.
by phjls83 July 31, 2003
a girl who bites a guys dick while giving him a blowjob
charlene africa is a woodpecker
by phjls83 August 18, 2003

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