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most amazing phrase ever.
use it when your confused, need to know something, or just plain bored.
"dude the world is cocking the fuck with my gun!"
me:what the crap does that mean?

by drone248 April 27, 2008
person who will do anything for gum
omg jose, plz gimme some of your gum dude! i dont have any, and ill do anything!
me: stop being such a gum whore!
by drone248 March 09, 2008
word that means
1your not moving anymore,
3your just "there."
1:"whoah a dead guy
me:"holy crap... hes got 50 bucks in his pocket, score!"
2:dude, your an hour late to pick up your chick? your so DEAD.
3:man that stoner over there is lying like a dead guy
by drone248 April 26, 2008

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