A video game where the player hits the arrows on the ground to the beat of the music playing while an annoying announcer occasionally says onomonopoetic phrases like, "Good! Good! Keep on going!" and "You're a dancing hero!". Can be counted as exercise. The best game ever. (Unless you're drunk; it's all fun and games until someone lands on their head. -_-;)
I was feeling out of shape, having been kept away from DDR over the vacation.

Person: DDR sucks.
Me: RARWR! *kills*
Person: Ow.
by kennard June 27, 2005
A popular video arcade game that has evolved into a home version featured on X-Box, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms. The game consists of four arrows: up, down, left, and right and as they come up the screen, the player must step on the corresponding arrow on the pad. The game has become so popular, tournaments are now hosted all over the world.

The home version comes with several neat little additions including the following: Workout Mode, Training Mode, Endless Mode, Edit Mode, Party Mode, Mission Mode, and many other features.
"I can totally pwn Josh D-D-R."

"I won a D-D-R tournament in Nashville and my legs hurt like hell."
by Katelynne Jones November 17, 2007
The best game in the world.

also see Dance Dance Revolution
Whoa! Those people are teh shiznit on the DDR machine over there! OH!
by Emz October 19, 2004
Dual Data Rate synchronous dynamic Random Access Memory , usually comes in pairs on a Motherboard, and works Along with a GPU and CPU In order for a computer to function.
Damn!!!! that 1GB Peice Of DDR2 is 20 bucks!!!! I'll be back with a couple of franklins...
by The_edge150 August 16, 2008
Dance Dance Revolution

The only decent game at the Arcade, because you can buy everyother game for your console, YES YES I now there is a home version but it isn't as good as Arcade
Watch me bust a move and at the same time bust my ass.
by Damaddar August 09, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution
A japanese video game that involes u to dance
Sara is kickin' on the game DDR!
by Caitlin S. February 27, 2004
the best fucking arcade game ever.
Most people who play ddr are already skiny although the game wasn't invented for them. Most also are not preps. It is a game where you have to move your feet and sometimes hands on the arrows while music plays.
tim: so what do you want to do.
tom: DDR!
by FrozenIce July 13, 2005
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