DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution.

This is an arcade game which involves stepping on arrows as they are signalled on the screen.

This game incredibly fun, and a good way to lose weight and still be playing video games.

However I want you all to realize that it does NOT constitute dancing to be able to hit a bunch of arrows.

I personally prefer to see a good freestyler who may miss a few than some person staring at their feet and stomping on panels at an insane speed.
Want to go play some DDR?
by InsaneSquish October 05, 2006
fuckin awesome game. but its too expensive in arcades you should buy it for the game consoles
asians are gods at ddr am i right?
by asian who plays ddr June 23, 2006
Cool Dancing game in which you dance... to techno... mmm didder...
I was just pwned by that d00d on DDR!
by pants March 20, 2005
Dog Dick Red... When something has a color similar to the color of a large dog's erection when fully erect and exposed.
James: "Did you see that girl's crotch?"
Christopher: "Yea, she must've been beatup. Her whole urea was DDR!"
by Elidril January 21, 2014
The most awesome arcade game in existence. The first time you play it, you can get addicted as I did. I had horrible withdrawals and always had to spend money to play as much as aI could. Thankfully, that has now subsided. Not because I got over, but because it is so damn over-priced now.
ZOMG let's play DDR!
by Scyfersythe December 28, 2007
to pulverize the shit out of something, to annihilate
"OH MY GOD, you just DDRed that little tree."
by ohmyjeez April 03, 2007
DDR = Drunken Dramatic Retard

Someone who is drunk and acts like a general retard. Whatever it may be, while drunk.
"Sally called me crying last night. She totally ddr'd."

"John was a ddr last night!"

"Ray is ddr-ing all over the place..."

"Amy is screaming at Ray! She's ddr-ing"
by lervly November 25, 2011
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