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This is a cute kitty face. A synnonym to x3, only it's rightside up. Commonly used by anime addicts.
Katgurl441: >w< Nyo.
n00b101: wtf????????? omg u lozr
Katgurl441: ... Anata no baka desu. <<
n00b101: wut duz tat men lolol
by Mewgal February 21, 2005
Probably the greatest video game to ever be released. It was made for Gamecube. If you don't have it, buy it. Or I'll go all Howard Dean on y'all.
"Baten Kaitos is the best."
by Mewgal February 21, 2005
A kick-ass way of life.
DDR is awesome. Although if you play heavy for too long you could pass out. WHO CARES.
by Mewgal February 21, 2005
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