A highly popular dance game where you use your feet and dance to high pumping music beats while hitting the right arrows with the rhythm of the beats. When they overlap the other arrows at the top of the screen you step on the corresponding arrows.
Lets DDR. Select a style single, versus, doubles. Select difficulty light, standard, heavy. Select music.
by Ben Fujishiro March 24, 2004
Dehydrated DeoxyRhyboneuculearosis.

A disease contracted by the overexcessive use of the Dance Dance Revolution machine.
Cody: Dude, Sam just passed out and fell of the dance dance machine!

Ray: Oh, no! He musthave contracted DDR!
by Squishymatrix July 25, 2005
See RAM.
We put DDR in the system because fucking RD-RAM was too expensive.
by Someone else October 15, 2002
Double Data Rate (a type of random access memory see RAM)--The next generation of the current SDRAM. DDR finds its foundations on the same design core of SDRAM, yet adds advances to enhance its speed capabilities. As a result, DDR allows data to be sent on both the rising and falling edges of clock cycles in a data burst, delivering twice the bandwidth of standard SDRAMS. DDR essentially doubles the memory speed from SDRAMs without increasing the clock frequency.
Dude you really need to upgrade your mainboard and go DDR, that PC133 is teh sux
by Silver Falcon November 28, 2004
Short for Dance Dance Revolution,a highly popular game in Japan,China,etc...Game based on feet mouvements,the more accurate you are,the more points you get,very upbeat music,addictive game.One usually stops at the arcades to play this game at the movies
Nana: Hey,we still have time before the movie starts,what do you want to do?
Yaya: Let's DDR!!
Nana: Good idea!
by baka-neko May 01, 2005
Dance Dance Revolution. the fastest growing game in popularity. the only game that lets you get involved with it rather than just sit there. a screen and 1 or 2 dancepads. it can be played at the arcade or home with a ps2 or xbox. or computer if you have the right equipment. its a game that you make fun of if you're not good at it. or too cowardly to try. or you love if you have the patience and skill to play. it does require skill, like beat recognition, stamina, focus, dexterity, and energy. not a game for the normal gamer.
<pro> : lets go play some DDR

<hater> : nah, im too fat and lazy to try anything that is so incredebly fun.

<pro> : suit yourself .- proceeds to stay cool and play ddr
by cool Justin November 18, 2004
Korean acronym for ddal ddal re, which in English means masturbating
A: Do you play DDR?

B: Yeah I play the PC version every night on Heavy!

A: Bet you can't do Maxx Unlimited!
by 8cr December 28, 2009
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