A kick-ass way of life.
DDR is awesome. Although if you play heavy for too long you could pass out. WHO CARES.
by Mewgal February 21, 2005
Dance Dance Revolution

A Japanese 'dancing' game in which the player must step to the beat on a platform with up, down, left, and right arrows in a + sign. Often frowned upon, it is an excellent source of excercise and very fun. There are many different versions of DDR, each with a different song lists and interfaces. Often found in arcades it is also available on the Playstation and the PS2. There are three difficulty settings for DDR, Light, Standard, and Heavy. Some versions of DDR have a difficulty below Light called Beginner.
"I'm not very good at DDR but I still have fun with it."
by Anonymous November 01, 2004
Dance Dance Revolution, dancing game in arcade and on PS2
DDR is so fun to play with.... o_O
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
1. A dance simulation game.
2. To play DDR
Are you ready? LET'S DDR!
by gs6 December 22, 2002
Stands for Dance Dance Revolution.

A game where you have to step on four arrows to the beat of the song, with difficulties cosisting of Begginers (for complete retards), Light, Standard and Heavy. It is basically a game for people like me to actually have something to do in their spare time. This game is available for consoles at home and in the arcade.
Me : "Hey, I just got DDR for PS2"
Aidin : "Hell yeah! I have been playing for 3 months, DDR is amazing!!!"
by VioletMassacre March 21, 2006
A video game where the player hits the arrows on the ground to the beat of the music playing while an annoying announcer occasionally says onomonopoetic phrases like, "Good! Good! Keep on going!" and "You're a dancing hero!". Can be counted as exercise. The best game ever. (Unless you're drunk; it's all fun and games until someone lands on their head. -_-;)
I was feeling out of shape, having been kept away from DDR over the vacation.

Person: DDR sucks.
Me: RARWR! *kills*
Person: Ow.
by kennard June 27, 2005
A game which medical experts have suggested may assist youth in losing weight. It seems to consist of jumping around and engaging in a series of moves so ridiculous that a person performing them on any real dance floor would be laughed out of the club.
You couldn't pick up a girl at the club? Maybe it's because you pulled out those DDR moves.
by Nick S December 06, 2004

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