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2 definitions by baka-neko

Vocalist of a highly popular japanese band called L'arc-en-ciel (in french). Adored by a large population of japanese girl and overseas, happily married to model Megumi Oishi whom he had a child with. Often reffered as a bishounen ( pretty/ androgenous boy)
Hyde's voice isn't as good as he used to be, because of his addiction for cigarettes
by baka-neko April 25, 2005
Short for Dance Dance Revolution,a highly popular game in Japan,China,etc...Game based on feet mouvements,the more accurate you are,the more points you get,very upbeat music,addictive game.One usually stops at the arcades to play this game at the movies
Nana: Hey,we still have time before the movie starts,what do you want to do?
Yaya: Let's DDR!!
Nana: Good idea!
by baka-neko May 01, 2005