the best fucking arcade game ever.
Most people who play ddr are already skiny although the game wasn't invented for them. Most also are not preps. It is a game where you have to move your feet and sometimes hands on the arrows while music plays.
tim: so what do you want to do.
tom: DDR!
by FrozenIce July 13, 2005
DDR Dance Dance Revolution was invented for three reasons: so that Asian kids could show off their mad footwork, so that white kids could make fools of themselves, and so that black kids could stand around and laugh because they don't need DDR to help them dance.
That kid is wicked good at DDR!
by La-La-Laurakins March 17, 2006
Dance Die Repeat

see addiction
must......complete......Oni mode!!! *twitch*
by nosferatuumiko July 30, 2005
A dancing coordination game that is based on Japanese music. There are four stationary arrows and when a moving arrow comes on the screen and lines up with the stationary ones, you step on that part of the pad. This game is found in many arcades and is a good way to burn some unwated fat...i guess.
There is a chubby old man on the DDr machine; please remove him.
by WOOT! July 13, 2003
In the Korean language DDR means Public Masturbation.
"Did you hear Jimmy got Caught DDRing in the park?"
by Madrigal Elektrimotive March 05, 2015
Dumb Dirty Redneck
Some DDR stole my beer!
by ucfgurl November 07, 2011
An arcade and home game where there are four arrows, up left down and right, going up at the screen and you have to step on the DDR pad as soon as the arrows reach the top of the screen. A popular game, and a great one if you want a get a crowd of people as people are leaving/entering the theater. It takes skill, stamina, and rhythm, and age doesn't really matter. That would just be years of experiance.
I went to play DDR at the movie theater at exactly 10:25, when Jackass 2 was over. I got a huge crowd of people. Huge.

I DDRed it up at the arcade and got free money.

There are such things as DDR tournaments.
by Vinchenzo October 16, 2006

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