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A kindred spirit. A great friend who is always there when you need a good laugh. A great mom, a loyal wife, a beautiful daughter and a fun sister. Loves children and enjoys taking care of others. loves to play games online when kids are taking a nap. Someone you can count on.
by Gena Davis February 03, 2010
An Electric, spontaneous, witty woman with a lot of talent. She's a natural actress. She also usually breaks hearts in hopes that hers won't be foolishly broken first. She's young, beautiful and amazing. If you don't know a Marcy, I suggest you start looking now. Marcy's are one of a kind.
Jahari: I'm so lucky to be with a Marcy, she knows exactly how to turn my dark night of the soul bright again. Marcy doesn't view the world as black and white. Her world has color in it. She knows exactly how to leave her mark in other people's lives.
by YouChangePeoplesLives April 11, 2010
a project out in bed-stuy brooklyn where jay-z grew up
off the corner of marcy and nostrand
by susito July 23, 2003
a mental hospital near boonville and rome ny (upstate)...

and any girl cooler than you.
jesus, send that kid to Marcy and get her in a straight jacket!
by April 02, 2004
a very small line of cocaine usually doled out by a so-called friend, that just pisses you off and leaves you wanting more
"I just have a little bit left so you can only have a Marcy"
by Capt r June 17, 2008
jumbo slut, has sex with room mates as rent money
a major bitch
marcy is a slut
i am donig it marcy style
by kar-nizzle February 06, 2008
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