Double Blacks-or double black diamond. At a ski resort. Like the really hard one that no gaper should ever attempt.
Stupid gaper was on the DB.
by myNameIs Freaking Emy October 22, 2008
to have shorts so small that your balls are struggling to breathe.
Put on some larger shorts you are not going wit me wearing DB's.
by Olamni November 18, 2007
Abbreviation for Douche Bag.

Short way of calling someone a Douche Bag.

See also, d bag.
Gio: There'll be way too many frat guys at that party.

Richie: Yeah, but DBs can be fun to party with if you're drunk.
by CodyRotten May 14, 2007
Drinking Buddy, abbreviated. Describes that friend that can sling back as many beers as you but still help you walk when you can't see straight. No matter how drunk the two of you are s/he always is looking out for you, even if s/he cannot actually move. When you go out to drink, the DB is a must have.
Wife: What are you doing tonight?
Husband: I'm going out with the DB.
by IrishRose December 27, 2007
1.abbreviation for dislike button since facebook doesnt have one.
Edward Cullen is the man of my dreams.

by kk hd September 16, 2009
damn bitch
marshal you little d.b.
by coolioso December 11, 2008
(short form of dadda badda)
i took a DB and it took me 5 minutes
by pesudon October 05, 2008

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