n. Hockey term. A scoring move in which the stick and puck go around the goalie one way while the shooter goes the other. Requires long arms and extreme panache.

Did you see the Czechs beat Canada in a shoot-out? What a dangler for the win!
by Gnostic 1 December 29, 2013
looks like a girl but it has a mini me.
Larry took home a chick last night but when he unzipped her pants -- pow -- she was a dangler!
by swharr August 05, 2011
Someone who posts open-ended questions, partial sentences, and dangling participles on FaceBook just to get comments. Similar to trolling on message boards, but without the intention to antagonize.
Dangler: I'm just saying...
Dangler: I was good enough before, why not now?
Dangler: I'm ready for a new beginning...
by TheOldHag August 13, 2010
An African American individual who does absolutely nothing with their lives. They are usually seen walking/loitering near street corners. The term refers to their use of loose clothing which tends to "dangle" from their bodies
Did you see that dangler over there? The nigga be dangling!
by SeanSullivan69 April 29, 2012
when a long piece of hair from your head makes its way into your underwear
and makes your butt tickle and itch.
Oh man! my butt itches i must have a dangler.
by minnyhaha February 04, 2010
1. A clitoris above average in length.
2. A woman who has a lengthy clitoris.
"Man, that guy's mom's such a dangler. I saw her clit when she wore that green skirt."
by Rupert Gehmlich July 22, 2006
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