v. In rap music, to "fall off" the radar, either due to not releasing any material, releasing crap, or selling out.
Did I fall off? Got you in your room ripping every 'Chronic' poster on your wall off. Just 'cause I put away the sawed off?
by keyshaw October 07, 2004
to lose one's edge; become irrelevant
Man you're gonna fall off like Samuel L. Jackson; that dude used to do great movies like Pulp Fiction and now he does crap like Snakes on a Plane!
by 99overall January 26, 2009
Past-tense--Fell Off

When a drug dealer does one of the following;
1. Uses all his drugs on himself or friends or family;
2. Spends all of his re-up money;

Basically, the dealer no longer has the necessary funds to support his, drug dealing way of life.
Dealer : "Shit man, if I don't sell these last two bags, I will fall off."

Buyer: "Man that broke nigga ain't got no weed, he fell off."

Trap Girl: "Hell naw girl, i don't fux with him no more, he fell the fuck off"

Dealer: "Nigga i went to the club last night and fell the fuck off."
by RSNQC May 14, 2011
(only used for regulars "noncelebs")
when a person makes an entertaining mistake in front others such as; tripping over a step in front of friends, drinking too much and vomiting on your girlfriend...
"Oh my gosh so James was leaning back in his chair and fell hard on his head......what a FALL OFF!!!
by L double July 13, 2006

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