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French word (=panasch), meaning "dash or flamboyance in style and action"; "verve".
She's writing with a lot of panache.
by Karlin June 27, 2004
1. Commonly associated with a 2002 Impreza WRX and its integration with wooden houses and fences.

2. The delivery into public domain of unquestionable lies and ignorance to avert imprisonment and hefty fines.

3. Modern expression used as a means of describing asshattery.
1. Panache: I went through a house today

2. Panache: *snip* 80mph *snip* gas stook *snip* more lies

3.1 Panache is such an asshat

3.2 My god, you're such a Panache...
by Stringy November 13, 2004
verb - the action of getting off your chair and going to the toilet to take a shit. Derived from the greek words: παω να σχιεσω -> greeklish: pao na sheso
chatting on FB
Guy#1: ahhahaha
Guy#2: ROFL
Guy#3: ahahha, guy#1 and guy#2 brb; Panaché
by TsiLLarkaS May 11, 2014
1. a politically-correct term to suggest that one acts, dresses, talks, or is stereotypically gay with the moral but selfish intention to be considered respectful, open-minded, and/or to have manners.
2. a passive-aggressive, Freudian, and/or sarcastic, yet elusively clever way to suggest that one acts, dresses, talks, or is stereotypically gay with the immoral but honest intention to be spiteful and nasty, display one's bigotry, and/or project their own self-hate and/or insecurities.
1. Those jeans are hot, but he dresses so panache.

2. Paul is a fucking panache. Did you see the way the dude looks at me?
by Brilliant Dialect February 03, 2010
A mixed drink made with a lager beer and any lemon-lime or citrus soda. (ex: corona and sprite) The sweetness of the soda cuts the bitter taste of the beer. It also cuts the alcohol content. I've heard that this is frequently drunk in Europe.
National Bohemian is a crap beer, but it's not so bad in a panache.
by Outnumbered May 19, 2006

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