balls that are dangling
"look at his dangler"
by Hoe and Beau April 17, 2003
n: A fan of the University of Kentucky college basketball team that supports head coach Tubby Smith to continue coaching the team.
He's a diehard Kentucky fan, but he's such a dangler.
by Acebgd12 August 02, 2006
God, danglers! Or, LPB's (Large Pendulous Bressis). AHHH BORNE
Man, I had those danglers bumpin and gave her a barumski she'll never forget!
by The Big Ragu January 25, 2005
a long peace of hair that falls from your head slides down your back and hangs out some where between your underwear and but cheaks.
"Shannon there is some thing in my paints...its just a dangler."
by hmdl October 29, 2007
When you go poopies and theres that one piece left hangin'on.
I wanted to wipe, but I had to scooch my butt around cuz I had a dangler.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004
When you are left in a position guessing what is going to happen.
While watching a TV show, and it's getting REALLY good, and it says "To be continued" and just fucks you over, and then you say "Fuck that show just left a fucking dangler for me."
by ChaseM October 09, 2007
A turd that hangs off the end of your ass you retards!
I waited five minits for my dangler to finaly fall off
by Monster10590 May 22, 2005

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