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Something cool or good, usually used amongst gamers. This phrase can be used for online and real life.
Bob: Your 1up t-shirt rocks
Sally: 1up t-shirts for the win.
by Zuggy August 29, 2006
In gaming parlance, a choice or strategy that should guarantee victory. The phrase comes from the TV game show Hollywood Squares. Contestants choosing a square which would give them 3 in a row would frequently say something like "I'll take Paul Lynde for the win."
Harry: "We need more dps to get past this boss."
Sally: "Affliction spec for the win!"
by baudkarma February 18, 2008
sometimes abbreviated to ftw, ForTheWin is a free video game MAGAZINE (not zine).
"hey, I'm going to go to to get a free subscription of ForTheWin!"
by ineedanoriginalnameplease October 04, 2008
(Phrase) Typically used to indicate how good some action is. Also used in seemingly random intervals to indicate your lack of sleep and sanity. Used in contrast with "for the loss."
Ziat looted some really ugly shoulderpads for the win.

Klub sat on a bench... for the win.

Sourball needs all new gear for the win.
by kuchen May 12, 2005
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