When you dont know what to say
Person 1: I made love to a camel
Person 2: Custard
by oooooooh October 30, 2011
A term referring to handsome/attractive men of East asian decent.
Girl 1: Ooh girl did you see all the custard at that party last night?

Girl 2: Hell yeah! I even copped some digits!
by Misty Moonsilver March 25, 2010
custard |ˈkʌstəd|

a customer who is retarded emotionally.

ORIGIN - from a check-out chick
Emily: I was working the other day and this 'custard' kept asking for a tomato sauce. Well after the 4th time I dropped tomato sauce on their head.
by angastifolia June 22, 2011
The combination of cunt and bastard.
Shelly has really been a custard since she was dumped by Harold.
by Lisa L O O April 03, 2008
when a boy lives in a crawl space 40 feet long and 2 feet high, lit up by christmas lights and has been abandond by his mother. Often smokes and talks like his balls havent dropped!
why are you being a custard?
by little jake April 17, 2009
When a female, laughs/coughs/sneezes, while she is on her period and a little bit of period blood comes out her vagina.
"Stop making me laugh, i just custarded"

girl 1 - "I'm so sick" *cough*cough*
girl 2 - "Are you on your period?"
girl 1 - "Yeah, how can you tell?"
girl 2 - "I can see your custard"

girl 1 - "HAHAHAH .. .. ha, ha...ah."
girl 2 - "whats wrong?"
girl 1 - "fucking custard."
by MadToast May 04, 2008
That George Dubya is a right piece of custard.
by god February 14, 2003

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