your bitch; your ho; your pussy; girl you use for sex
Guy 1: Dude, is that your ho?
Guy 2: Yeah man, that's my custard.
by Peete May 02, 2007
Soft Serve ice cream in South Jersey.
"I'd like a medium vanilla custard on a cone with chocolate jimmies."
by idontknow12345 September 21, 2005
A word used in baseball to describe how someone is throwing. It referes to them as throwing shit! It can be used in two ways, your throwing custard (your throwing shit) or your arm is custard ( Your throwing slow and nothing)
Man your arm is custard
by hamghetti... September 29, 2006
a yellowy fowl vannilaish liquid that Freek rubs on his nipples
Please, rub the custardharder!
by Steven Hughes December 20, 2003
dirty pussy juice
"I would have eaten Jenny's snatch, but there was custard dripping out of it so I decided to pass."
by potter420 May 19, 2003
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