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Strong willed, logical and wise. You can't make her jealous, she's aprivate person, so you wont see much of social sites, if you have the fortune of falling in love with a crystal, your life will be forever fulfilled, considered very sexy by males, men who date her are extremely lucky and grateful, if they let her go they'll regret it forever, she also has a vivid imagination and is brilliant with kids. Friends of friends want to be her friend because of her outgoing nature. A great person to have meaningful conversations with, and always great to be around, she'll keep your secrets even when she hates you. She'll only reveal information shared when a snake posed as a friend intends to harm crystal's friend. Crystal can take criticism very well and is a beast in the bed. If you lose a crystal you’ll miss her for a life time she is indeed a valuable and precious stone. Everybody wants crystal!

Pronounced kris-tl Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, crys•taled, crys•tal•ing or ( especially British ) crys•talled, crys•tal•ling.
1. a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice.
2. the transparent form of crystallized quartz.
3. Chemistry, Mineralogy . a solid body having a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite and characteristic angles.
4. anything made of or resembling such a substance.
5. a single grain or mass of a crystalline substance.
Crystal plays her self down so everyone else can pretend to shine!
by rarebeautyagainagainagain July 03, 2012
a rare beauty, who is extremly smart, and has a love for life! A beautiful person who wants to change the world and all that she meets in it!!! My hero
wow, i just met a crystal... she was amazing!
by flaterduck May 18, 2008
An absolutely stunning, smart and awesome girl with a smile that can brighten up anyone's day. Can even make people who are feeling miserable laugh.
- "I was feeling down until I saw Crystal today."
- "Crystal has the best smile."
by Darkness-666 October 28, 2008
a freaky, wild, spontaneous, and party girl with a love for life...and sex
At the club I met a crystal
by chris's lover October 20, 2006
one tough chic that will not take any bullshit, strong-willed, dedicated, humble, beautiful, crazy but in a healthy way...good crazy, optimistic, adventurous, wise beyond her years, have great instincts, and is just simply fabulous!
Damn!...Crystal has the perfect combination

Crystal is fuckin hilarious!

my future wifey
by shorty's on fire! March 15, 2010
1. A shiny rock, similar to diamonds in looks.

2. A pretty name for a girl.
1. Wow look at all these crystals! Can I lick one?

2. Crystal is the name of my fiance!
by Terronega May 15, 2006
An amazingly cute, extremely nice, loveable girl who can always cheer you up no matter how sad or down you're feeling. An amazing friend who you'll never want to lose.
"Yo, Man, That chick is such a crystal."
by SotoSaki October 15, 2009
A Person That Doesn't Disrespect Anyone And Is Very Unique.
She is a crystal. He is a crystal.
by Akr1_kierre October 25, 2007