Two-Headed Spoiled Bitch
I hate Crystal. She had the iPhone 2981+ yesterday and she complains that it's silver instead of gold. And she also got mad that her case was black instead of a lighter black.
by Anonymousass1234567890 May 24, 2015
A person who needs to treat imani better . A nice person overall just has too many hoes .
Crystal should stop cheating on imani
by M.viii_ June 06, 2015
A wicked crazy, nice, beautiful girl that always knows how to make you smile, and that gets to way much shit that she doesn't deserve.
Hey did you see Crystal come in, now its a party.
by Frosty123678 January 09, 2010
A type of stimulate drug that enhances dangerous side effects.

Or the love of someones lifes who happens to be my drug.
Elvis is addicted to Crystal.
hahah <333
by vitaminelvis April 24, 2008
Crystals reffers to cocaine mostly, but can be used for other kinds of inhaling drugs
"I just got a bag of crystals ffrom this guy at the alley"
by efe_gallagher October 19, 2007
clear, as in 'crystal clear'
"I made it crystal that I wasn't into him."

"He has made it crystal that he has no interest in her whatsoever."
"The way she explained things, made it crystal."
"Are we crystal on that?" "Crystal."
by ninotchka2 August 19, 2014
the name of a person, more so a women then a man.
i am crystal, who the fuck are you?
by Crystal B January 02, 2006

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