A girl who pops babies like a bunny but doesnt take care of them. Says she is a bad bitch or a real bitch but slept with her best friends man and still talks to her and makes her mom take care of her kids. She depends on everyone else to do her job as a mother. We can't call her a mother. She is not a bad bitch she's just doing bad. She think nobody knows that she fucked all her brothers friends but we all do and we laugh at her.
Where is crystal?

She left with a guy for a month.

Where are her kids.

Her mom has them.

Has she called to asked for them?

No, but they're doing way better without her.
by nemo98 October 22, 2013
nickname for a girl or woman you highly suspect is using crystal methamphetamines.
the temp, crystal or whatever her name is, has been tweaking since lunch.
by jennybenny30609 April 15, 2010
Crystal A fabulous waifu whos super fabulous and is so beautiful and wonderful and has a kawaii laugh and a kawaii voice.
Person 1: Who's that
Person 2: She's my precious Crystal. u v u
by Pyro Manic May 24, 2014
meth, methamphetamine, or more specifically, crystal meth. a very "pure" form of meth, pure not meaning clean or safe, crystal meth is the farthest thing from clean and safe. Crystal is meth that can be smoked, is extremely dangerous and addictive, and is guaranteed to fuck up your life irreparably.
Stoner: "Hey man I just scored some awesome crystal, wanna buy a gram?"

Not Stoner: "Hell no! Pot is one thing..crystal is another."
by phantomrevenge December 23, 2010
a highly addictive fancy drug. addictees are usually stalkers.
"i stalk crystal day and night"

"i love crystal"
by Swallow June 10, 2008
A type of stimulate drug that enhances dangerous side effects.

Or the love of someones lifes who happens to be my drug.
Elvis is addicted to Crystal.
hahah <333
by vitaminelvis April 24, 2008
definition of beauty. very well rounded and focuses on whats important in life, protects her family with her life and will make you regret crossing her if a crystal is crossed. Strong willed, logical and wise.

if you have the fortune of falling in love with a crystal, your life will be forever fulfilled.
damnnn that girls a crystal.
by kindled February 04, 2010

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