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Crystal - as in "solid", or "cool", like "are we cool?" "crystal."
1: Are we cool?
2: Crystal.

1: Yeah dude, it was totally awesome!
2: Crystal.

1: Are you ok?
2: Crystal

Instead of "Cooooooooool", use "Crystal".
by Cronoberrychef2 October 05, 2009
106 99
A type of stimulate drug that enhances dangerous side effects.

Or the love of someones lifes who happens to be my drug.
Elvis is addicted to Crystal.
hahah <333
by vitaminelvis April 24, 2008
96 91
a rare beauty who is extremly smart, and has a love for life! A beautiful person who wants to change the world and all that she meets in it!!! She is a freaky, wild, spontaneous, party girl with a love for life...and sex!
Fuck I wanna meet a Crystal
by Caleesta July 25, 2010
108 105
A great person to have meaningful conversations and always great to be around. Can take criticism very well and is a beast in the bed.
Person 1: Man... Crystal's awesome
Person 2: Yea she is, she was really there for me.
by Darth Creeper January 13, 2012
44 42
A girl who pops babies like a bunny but doesnt take care of them. Says she is a bad bitch or a real bitch but slept with her best friends man and still talks to her and makes her mom take care of her kids. She depends on everyone else to do her job as a mother. We can't call her a mother. She is not a bad bitch she's just doing bad. She think nobody knows that she fucked all her brothers friends but we all do and we laugh at her.
Where is crystal?

She left with a guy for a month.

Where are her kids.

Her mom has them.

Has she called to asked for them?

No, but they're doing way better without her.
by nemo98 October 22, 2013
8 7
A charming and quirky girl that is absolutely smashing. She's fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack. One of a kind for sure, and is someone anyone can talk to. She'll keep up an intelligent, yet clever conversation going, that flows well. She's spontaneous and won't change herself for anyone. She stays true to the person she is and has the most sweetest and beautiful personality. She smiles like she doesn't care and will never really notice a boy since she's caught up in her own world, thinking about important things. Her hair ALWAYS smells amazing and it's beautiful, long,thick and dark. She connects well with others and will show interest in just about anything she can try to relate with (she's quite the athlete). She'll try to avoid throwing a fuss, but whenever it does happen, she'll look as hot as ever without even knowing, but will be taken seriously. She's brilliant with kids as well. She will NEVER be that annoying/mean girl thats always a drama queen. She won't exaggerate a situation or blow it out of proportion to prove a point because she always cares for how others feel over herself. She's VERY smart and beautiful in every way. She never worries about beauty though. She's not afraid to get her hair messy, or her hands dirty, or to break a nail. She'll be prepared for just about anything and will get through with a smile on her face even when she's ready to walk away. Its so amazing how she continues to amaze everyone.
Crystal is so intelligent and gorgeous! She may act simple, but she's all anyone will ever need! Her and Richard would make the cutest couple! theyre exactly alike!
by dinomin January 17, 2014
4 6
nickname for a girl or woman you highly suspect is using crystal methamphetamines.
the temp, crystal or whatever her name is, has been tweaking since lunch.
by jennybenny30609 April 15, 2010
38 40