Crystal METH Anphetomin - dangerouslly addictive street drug.
smoke "Crystal", Inhale "crystal"
by Not in denmark August 05, 2006
Crystal is transparent, she will tell you her truth if she trust you, but she will never lie to you she’ll just withhold information. She’s very understanding, aware and confidant, but she lowkey. She often pulls away from friends and family with no warning, or regard to how it will seem. It’s her personal form of self preservation; she’s turned off by bs! She just wants to laugh and enjoy life, she sees the glass as half full rather than half empty, she’s a optimist. When people meet her they see her as real, down to earth, sarcastic and funny, and once you get to know her you'll see her as an extremely loyal and kind hearted person, doesn’t mind being the butt of her own joke, she hates drama, lies, and gossip! A beautiful person who wants to change the world and all that she meets in it!!! Many people are jealous of her just based on her beauty, brains, and bank account. She is the personification of innocence and beauty, one tough chic that will not take any bullshit, strong-willed, dedicated, humble, beautiful, crazy but in a healthy way...good crazy, optimistic, adventurous, wise beyond her years, she has great instincts, and is just simply fabulous! she is a person with an old and wise soul, she will do anything to protect her friends and family, definition of beauty.
Everybody want's a Crystal she real and down
by rarebeautyagainagain July 03, 2012
The following symptoms of being a Crystal:

1. Delusional

2. Dysfunctional

3. Denial

4. Delirious

Walking around town looking like a CLOWN. We all know she's a crazy psycho but that's no excuse!
by crystalblackneck April 03, 2010
Crystal refers to a pedophile or stalker, This crystal is someone who continously watches a/ numerous people whilst sleeping and is a constint nuesence. And constentally tries to invite herself into peoples plans.
Person 1: I just had the worst dream.
Person 2: yeah?
Person 1: Crystal was watching me sleep

Example 2:
Person 1: Hey who is that guy in the white van, who keeps staring at my little sister
Person 2: Stay away, its crystal
by Anonomous2 April 02, 2012
A cruel, heartless cow with no social skills who believes that being slightly more intelligent than her partner makes up for things she's done wrong, even if she had to make up some lies to feel better about her own mistakes.

She is also most likely a chronic masturbator. See Wanker.
Crystal tried to get my friends to hate me today and failed, but its okay because she's slightly smarter than me!
by Dave the Busdriver December 08, 2011
A blood-sucking and heartless female who is known for sleeping around. Typically a vehicle used by sexually-transmitted diseases to spread themselves amongst the human population.
Persons named "Crystal" are generally full of themselves and are disrespectful and controlling of their friends, families, and significant others, but are damn good in bed (best of the best)!
Person 1: Dude I slept with that Crystal girl last night!
Person 2: A Crystal??? Get yourself tested right now!

Wow, I just realized that Crystal has slept with every person in this room...

Look at that girl dancing with that mid-life crisis guy who has his hand down her pants! Five dollars says her name is Crystal...

Your wife's name is Crystal? Five dollars says she'll cheat on you within six months.
by Crabsters February 06, 2010
A wicked crazy, nice, beautiful girl that always knows how to make you smile, and that gets to way much shit that she doesn't deserve.
Hey did you see Crystal come in, now its a party.
by Frosty123678 January 09, 2010

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