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v. To hit/beat someone on the head with a large blunt instrument, usually an iron, or something of similar stature. Usually this action is carried out as a direct result of someone not following specific orders, hence a punishment.
If you do not stop snoring in a minute, I am going to crown you.
by Splinkio December 09, 2003
Pronounced Cr - Owned

A derivative of Owned, used when beaten by a player with lesser skill
" Aww man, I ran of of ammo and that n00b CROWNED me "

" Dont fall asleep at your keyboard, some weaker player might sneak up and CROWN you."

"WHAAT! How'd he do that!?! I just got CROWNED!!"
by Ironbug March 07, 2008
the act in which a person proceeds to ejaculate on someone's forehead after suffocating them with a pillow
Last night I was fuckin' this one broad and she had me choke her. Once she was out, I finished up on her forehead. CROWNED BITCH!!
by Pillow Princess July 30, 2009
When one is killed with a headshot in either the original Halo or Halo 2.
You just got crowned bitch!
by Adam E. July 13, 2005
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