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A place to retreat for quiet contemplation for as long as you can hold your breath.
"Damn! I went to the outhouse because I THOUGHT I had to pinch a loaf.."
by theNbomr July 06, 2005
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A general, multipurpose forum with standards significantly lower than those of the rest of the main forum. Such a forum has the express purpose of containing troll members and threads not suitable or representative of the entire forum as a whole. Outhouse forums are generally found on forums were there is a large demand for heated/troll-like discussion, but the admins do not wish for the entire forum to adopt that sort of behavior.
- Take your whining to the outhouse.

- This thread's just flamebait. Could a mod outhouse it?
by B-Con May 13, 2006
A place where rednecks go to take a shit.
Some rednecks in the south still use an outhouse.
by Brewski. August 15, 2009
something that is very backwoods and out of civilization. Something that should be gone since we live in modern world.
You still have pager? that is so outhouse!
by dawn frost June 22, 2005
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