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The abbreviation of the phrase "sense of humour". A term used to note the good humoured nature of a person.
Man, your soh fuckin rocks, i nearly pissed my panties
by Splinkio December 07, 2003
v. To hit/beat someone on the head with a large blunt instrument, usually an iron, or something of similar stature. Usually this action is carried out as a direct result of someone not following specific orders, hence a punishment.
If you do not stop snoring in a minute, I am going to crown you.
by Splinkio December 09, 2003
An alternative name for a Cellular Phone/Mobile Phone. Usually used by fudge packing homosapian radio advertisers who work for a high street mobile phone store such as Car Phone Warehouse.
My mobly only cost £800.00 and its so small it fits up my ass.
by Splinkio December 07, 2003
Lard in a bottle
Hey, I saw you bought that high cholesterol FatSauce, complete with the natural goodness of pure fat.
by Splinkio December 09, 2003
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