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When the excrement in one's anus cannot be contained any longer and it starts pushing open the sphincter. Probably related to childbirth where the top of the baby's head (the crown) is first visable as it emerges from the vagina.
"OMG I'm crowning so bad it's like I've got a turtle neck hanging from my ass..."
by Dr Bob December 17, 2003
260 104
- the state of being very close to having to discharge fecal excrement, similiar to the state of "crowning" when giving birth. To reach this state, the turtle must be poking his head out.
"Dude, I'm crowning so bad I think I just baked a hashbrown in my underbritches"

"I have to snap a duece so bad that I'm crowning...can you smell it?"
by BloodMuttsRevenge August 25, 2006
83 41
Having an intense need to defecate.
Mike was crowning, it was a tough decision between dropping a chalupa in the woods with no toilet paper, or waiting for the comforts of an outhouse three miles ahead.
by The Commadore July 22, 2008
72 35
synonoumous with "poking cotton" or "turtling"
I need to take a dump real bad, I'm crowning
by gdollar January 03, 2004
44 32
An exploratory sexual move on a woman, kind of like fisting, only using your head. Gives that bigger girl or post pregnancy shawty a real buzz and gives the dude a chance to look around and see the kind of place he came from.
Yeah man, I totally crowned Maureen last night, crowning is her biggest turn on.
by Bonesofthewhitegoods May 11, 2011
30 20
When you feel your turd is pushing
I got to use the toilet, my turd is crowning
by styn99 March 07, 2014
0 0
one person on their knees in the middle of a circle-jerk of 3 or more guys waiting as they all bust their nuts on his/her head
"Man, I heard that fraternity was crowning all their new pledges!"
by hard2break July 30, 2012
5 8