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is a song sung between two or more people (though very difficult with more than two people), which unlike a duet is completely unpractices and is made up on the spot, with two minds so completely in sync they work as one, practiced by Noel Fieldings and Julian Barratt the mighty Boosh on BBC3
the pancake crimp
eggs, milk and flour, pancake power,
look at his milky yellow sunshine face
flip it now flip it good oo
flip it now flip it good oo
some are salt
some are sweet
some are fruit
some are meat

the time we used the chive
it really came alive!
edbile frisbies
springtime tuesday

by Tuesdays Gone December 15, 2007
The act of making up a random song on the spot and yet being completely in sync with another person or persons.
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh are the masters of crimp!
by Alex7 February 28, 2008
a two person song, half singing, half talking.
words rhyme and sometimes repeated.
Created by the English comedies noel fielding and Julian Barratt of the Mighty Boosh, funniest show in the world and the sexiest men.
Crimp Pancake Song by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding
The Mighty Boosh Show Series 3

eggs, milk and flour, pancake power,
Look at the milky yellow sunshine face.
Flip it now, flip it now, oh
Flip it now, flip it now, oh

Same are salt
same are sweet
same are fruit
same are meat

The time we used the chive
it really came alive

Edable frissbies
Spring time Tuesdays

i like to Boggie
by Unknown female March 02, 2008
n. A rock climbing term for a small handhold. Since crimp holds protrude from the rock by an inch or less, it is usually only possible to grip them with the first pad on each finger. Crimps are also referred to as "crimpers."

v. To use or hold a crimp hold while rock climbing.

Other forms - crimpy (adj.), crimptastic (adj.), crimpalicious (adj.)
Climber: Ugh, it's that stupid crimp that's keeping me from sending the route.

Dave: How the hell do I climb this route?
John: Just crimp your way up, man! Easy as pie!
Dave: (rolls eyes)

Emily: What's this route like?
Ryan: Crimpy all the way up. How's your finger strength?
by thispseudonymisnottaken December 09, 2010
Hair style, usually brought about by a crimping iron, or carefully placed curling iron presses, which results in hair gaining a wavy like, zig-zag design.
Girl 1: What am I gonna do with my hair?'s all flat an' shit..
Girl 2: Giiiirl...why don't you curl it?
Girl 1: Nah, nigga..that's old...I know I'll crimp it!
by Tai July 10, 2003
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