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n. A rock climbing term for a small handhold. Since crimp holds protrude from the rock by an inch or less, it is usually only possible to grip them with the first pad on each finger. Crimps are also referred to as "crimpers."

v. To use or hold a crimp hold while rock climbing.

Other forms - crimpy (adj.), crimptastic (adj.), crimpalicious (adj.)
Climber: Ugh, it's that stupid crimp that's keeping me from sending the route.

Dave: How the hell do I climb this route?
John: Just crimp your way up, man! Easy as pie!
Dave: (rolls eyes)

Emily: What's this route like?
Ryan: Crimpy all the way up. How's your finger strength?
by thispseudonymisnottaken December 09, 2010
n. A rock climbing term for a handhold that is best gripped sideways, with the thumb and the other four fingers on opposite sides of the hold.

v. To use a pinch hold.
Frustrated first-timer: How the hell am I supposed to use this hold?
Annoyed belayer: Just pinch it!
Frustrated first-timer: What does that even mean?

Scott: Hey do you have any beta for that route you just sent?
John: Yeah, see that pinch near the first bolt? It's easier if you go for it with your left hand.
by thispseudonymisnottaken December 09, 2010

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