On the toilet having a good dump.
Poping to the loo to crimp one off
by ej2095 July 01, 2014
Used in conjunction with a description of having just been to the toilet, or in the process of going to the toilet
I'm gonna go crimp off a length
I just crimped off a massive length
Just let me go crimp off a length first
by Nathan C March 27, 2003
The action of attaching a tip to the end of a cable. After the tip is attached you can plug the cable into the networking card.

the process must be executed with great care and style; poorly crimped ends can cause problems which are nightmarishly difficult to identify.
I just snip crimp and plug and bam bam we are online
by warren b October 19, 2001
A style of walking that typically involves an exaggerated repetitive step movement such as hiking up on one side or swinging one arm or snapping fingers in time with the gait. May also be referred to as "styling" or "bopping".
Yo, see that dude crimpin' down the street? That's Elroy!
by ODODIODO August 13, 2009
Crimp is when two or more people make a random on the spot song, which normally makes no sense what so ever.

Loose some weight -

better loose some weight fatty-Ciaren
banana, banana, banana- Johnny
jogging, jogging-Callum

All sang together in unison. :D

Lets go crimping for money
by Callum The one the only January 09, 2008
The act of cutting off ones poo mid-evacuation using ones anal sphincter
"I had to crimp that one right off as i was late for the bus"
"I had to crimp that one off abit early or ide have choked that hoe"
by Big jakesy and little jakesy September 19, 2005
Aliens that are a combonation of shrimp and crickets.
Also can be used as an adjective to describe someone.
"Oh my god!! look at those crimps, they just jumped all over Brett's face and ate him!"

"Damn! James gets all the ladies and doesn't turn them lesbian, he is sooo crimp!"
by Zach Mayfield September 03, 2007

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