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8 definitions by Alex7

The act of making up a random song on the spot and yet being completely in sync with another person or persons.
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh are the masters of crimp!
by Alex7 February 28, 2008
95 11
A quick way of saying please, okay, thanks and bye in the same word.
Send me that song plzkthxbai?
by Alex7 May 15, 2007
54 17
The only Power Ranger that changed from a woman in the normal scenes to a man in the fight scenes.
"Hey, how come the pink ranger's wearing a skirt in the fight scenes but the yellow ranger isn't?"
by Alex7 November 06, 2007
25 8
Another way of saying 'kick it old school'. Coined in the movie Juno.
"We could get dance mats for DDR that stick to the floor with suction pads, but it'd be easier to kick it old testament and stick mine to the floor with duct tape."
by Alex7 February 28, 2008
16 6
Imaginary food that, were it real, would be sent virtually from one friend to another, ie. via email.
JohnSTAR says:
God, I'm hungry.

(L) Sally says:
I has ice cream :3

JohnSTAR says:
:( sendplz?

(L) Sally says:

JohnSTAR says:
Yay, virtual food!
by Alex7 November 06, 2007
7 0
A phrase coined by Colin Lane in an episode of 'The Adventures of Lano and Woodley'. Used to describe the biggest bellywhacker imaginable.
"Oooh! It is the MESSIAH of bellywhackers!"
by Alex7 May 15, 2007
7 0
The act of diving/jumping into a pool, only to painfully hit the water stomach-first, often creating a loud crack noise and an even bigger splash. Somehow, every person present will notice if you do one.
"Ooh! That bellywhacker had to hurt!"
by Alex7 May 15, 2007
10 4