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tha baddest rapper around!!!!
always spellin it FA BO LO US
by Fabolous April 14, 2003
1: Peace
2: lata
3: bye
4: peace out
Yao Ming: Bye shaq
Shaq: one

50 Cent: bye Fab
Fabolous: one fifta
by Fabolous May 21, 2003
homie named adam
yo, money holla back
by Fabolous May 19, 2003
1) pig
2) po-po
3) 5-0
4) a stupid ass person who tries to deal with criminals by threating them w/ a baretta...try to dela with thugs and get fucked up
yo u see dat pig he be eatinb dougnuts again
by Fabolous May 05, 2003
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