v. to take/get/steal

Meika: "You're gonna give me an attitude now?"

Chemistry Teacher: "YOU'RE GONNA COP AN ATTITUDE WITH ME?!?!?"
by Meikaaa May 02, 2007
A person who was picked on in high school that ends writing tickets for a living to feel better about themselves as an adult.
Dude, your such a nerd, you should totally become a cop.
by globalguts October 15, 2014
Cream On Panties - When a female notices a warm discharge seeping from her coot. This typically happens with a sneaky arousal.

Jackie: "Amy you have great tits! You made me C.O.P."
by Jackie & Amy October 25, 2007
COP= Change of Plans- I have been trying to spread the word about this b/c it makes it so much quicker to write.

We all change plans at some point and instead of calling everyone we will send out a mass text or email or even Facebook.
Change of Plans=

Hunny dont forget our COP were are meeting at 6 tonight..


COP= the party got rained out and we will reschedule.
by Samantha Cruise February 27, 2010
to copy or get somethin
Dawg let me cop dat shirt.
by jelly swagg June 18, 2009
cop - v. - refers to petty theft (or theft of something readily available) in a thug manner
My pen ran out of ink during the math assessment, so I copped one from the basket.
by anonymous February 25, 2004

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