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Singing while breathing inwards, thus allowing for non-stop rocking.
"Dude, it's the greatest invention since yodelling: inward singing, check it out."
by kingsexy February 28, 2003
The ultimate poonis. A person who tries to ruin EVERYONE'S fun.
"Get off my case, Poonis Lagoonis"
by kingsexy February 03, 2003
1. "def-kom" n. - A state of silence, punctuated by not hearing communication, i.e. deaf to communication or deafcom. Usually achieved through headphones and/or music.
Officemate: "Hey you want to go out to lunch?"
Jack: "What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you, cause I was in deafcom."

Officemate: "I need to get some work done, so I'm going into deafcom mode."
by KingSexy November 02, 2005
the female act of wiping the man's testicles with a napkin, or a facecloth after sexual adventures
"And with a grin, she took her favorite tube-top, and gave me the most gentle nut wipe that i had ever experienced."
by kingsexy February 03, 2003
Dude who's ruining the party.
"Man, who brought the cop?"
by kingsexy February 28, 2003
inflated area around the pubic bone, just above the female genitalia, also called fupa, fuppy among other names
"If'n she ain't pregnant that is one hell of a gunt!"
by kingsexy February 03, 2003
Double quarter pounder with cheese. Andy's invention. Also cool is adding bacon, and making it, DQP Baco Chee.
"Dude, I'm gonna hit McDicks, get myself a little DQP with Chee."
by kingsexy February 28, 2003

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