To purchase or aquire.
I wanna cop some drugs.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
noun. a member of a highly elite force of americans trained to randomly select innocent drivers and pull them over for excessively stupid reasons, such as a loud muffler when sports cars are typically supossed to have loud mufflers, fuzzy dice because they don't own sexy car ornaments, and they're tired of picking their asshole so they pull you over to harrass you instead
dude, you'll never believe this
a cop pulled me over for a loud muffler.
isn't your car a Z24 chevy?
yep. the dumbass didn't even realize this
by Humpcatter16 January 16, 2010
Citizen On Patrol...very baller people
Leslie and Nicole are AWESOME C.O.P's!!!
by Nicole and Leslie May 02, 2005
A POlice. A fuzz. An ossifer of the law.
Hey, Jake, does your dad work for a living?

Nah, he's a cop.


Nah, he's an Oakland cop.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
Police Officer. An enforcer of the law.
"The cops are out to get me."
by Urban Black Man April 20, 2003
The nickname of police forces.
-- this is a dead guy?!
-- I'am calling the cops!

-- Give up the money! this is robbery!
(police approaching)
-- Shit! cops are coming!
-- we must get cover!!
by It's SiSgamer HD! what's up?? March 13, 2015
Official harasser of the unsuspecting public.
The cop stopped the guy and took his information, 'cause otherwise he might actually have to work.
by Nope4810 April 15, 2005
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