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like ferdinand porsche said:

the car that nobody needs, but everybody wants
by number 18 February 13, 2004
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Is usually a person female of course
who is quiet but yet talkative.She takes gorgeous to a whole 'nother level.She's outgoing and active.She's very nice but has a vicious mean side.She has a hot body she dates a select few of guys because some aren't worthy to have her.real friendly but has a select few of friends.
Guy 1:Dude,Who's that she's all that?
Guy 2:Sorry Bro,But that's Porsche' u have to be
A class worthy to even stand in her presence.
by Mr.FryLok May 18, 2009
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Among the finest sports automakers in the world. Founded by Dr. Ferdinand Porshce in Stuttgart, Germany, he created it because he didn't see the proper sports car out there for him. Porsche is famous for its large fanbase and great handling.
"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself"
Dr. Ferdinand Porsche
by Porshcephile December 06, 2008
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Robles (Paul Bates' character) described the Porsche best, in the 1990 movie "Crazy People":

"Porsche.... It's a little too small to get laid IN.... But you get laid, the minute you get OUT."
That's more like it!
by Jason L. March 23, 2005
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Porsche is one of the more popular sports car manufacturer. Founded in 1931 as an engineering consultant by Ferdinand Porsche. The most popular model as of yet is the 911, which made its debut in 1964 as a sportive car. It has always come with a Boxer-6, but the displacement is generally upped every evolution. Despite the ever-evolving chassis and engine, the styling is often described as timeless and the engine remains in the rear(not ideal). A turbo model of the 911 has been in the line-up for 30 years and has cemented Porsches place in performance car history by reversing everyones' views about turbo cars. Porsche also offers their cars for less than Ferrari and Lamborghini which keeps them as an "affordable" sports car.
Some say Porsches are not built to perfection, but are engineered to perfection.
by wEstSidE November 18, 2004
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Older models are air cooled, whereas newer models (996 and 997) are water cooled. Considered one of the best sports car manufacturers in the world.
Porsche > all other cars
by M17ch March 30, 2006
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There are many ways to describe a car that has been a symbol for decades. The car makers quality has never been lost on any one. The Porsche symbolizes all that is good in the world. Normally driven by the Hollywood and Malibu high and mighty.

This car has been featured in so many movies and songs that it has been implanted in our brains as the car that you want. Even if your a single dad living in the Sub-urbs that has to take his kids to school every morning.

we've seen porsche start making cars for the common man in past years. the Boxter being one of the first car's Porsche made for a "lower price tag". it was also the second least powerful of the makers sport cars. Leaving much to be desired from us Hard core porsche drivers (mainly those who drive Porsches from the years 1962 to 1990.)

The Porsche 928
"Porsche, there is no substitute"
Porsche 911
"there just soooo much cooler"

by Chris McDude October 11, 2007
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